Sleek & Smart : Rory Asyari

Q :Name and what do you do?

A : Rory Asyari, I am a news anchor for Metro TV.

Q : How did you pave the path to become a TV personality?

A : In college (he went to college in Sebelas Maret University in Solo, Central Java), I major in Communication and my field of studies were journalism, television industries and public relation. I also worked as radio announcer while in college and later worked as a news presenter at a local TV station in Solo.

Q : What kind of news you usually report or cover?

A : I have deep interest in politics and have been covering related issues since I first time worked for Metro TV.

Q : How does the spotlight of being a news anchor influence you so far?

A : I am a journalist. The difference is that I am presenting the news in front of the camera. I prepare the news I present, just like any other journalists out there. I don’t sit and wait for my news scripts to be given to me and later read it.

Q : News anchors are mostly good looking, what do you think?

A : Here, usually the industry requires a potential news anchor to have that quality. But I prefer a news anchor who tends to be interesting, instead of just having that plain good look. One has to be reliable in presenting the news. Good look is not enough. You have to work hard as a news anchor.

Q : Any interesting experience while covering a news?

A : A couple years ago, me and my team got lost for two days at a mountain side, while covering a plane accident in West Java.

Q : Your kind of girl?

A : A smart one. One that always challenges me with her wit. She has to be hand in hand with me, cause she’s my partner.

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